The Grand Canyon - Rim to Rim

Rim to Rim
North Kaibab Trail
At the Bottom
The Colorado River
Indian Gardens
The Final Up
Kudo's to Eb Eberlein

A Beach

The trail from the Bright Angel Campground takes you to the Colorado River just near where the Creek joins the River.

The Colorado is calm and placid at this point, not at all like the white water rafting scenes we are used to seeing on TV. The beaches along this stretch are serene. It's just a wonderful place to just sit and commune with nature. (Of course, there's not a bad spot in the Canyon for communing with nature.)

We left our packs at the campground for this short walk. That's Eb walking in front of me and a couple of "communers" sitting near the water.

There are two bridges that cross the Colorado here at the bottom, the Black Bridge and the Silver Bridge.

The photo to the left of the Black Bridge is taken from a rocky outcropping that extends almost to the middle of the river.

The north side of the Black Bridge appears to end abruptly at the cliff wall. It actually connects to a tunnel entrance blasted in the cliff. This bridge and path is for the North Kaibab trail.

Beep, beep!

The Bright Angel Trail uses the Silver Bridge, seen here with Ryan at full speed. I almost missed this picture, he was so fast.

About 3/4 of the way across, he got slowed down by a couple of slower walkers. As you can see, its a tight fit to pass someone on this bridge.

I think this was the most stressful part of the hike for Ryan; but, he came through famously.

Atta Boy, Ryan!


Yours, Truly

Here's another view of the bridge with you-know-who.

What makes this bridge cool, is that the walkway is grated; you can see right through it to the river underneath.

Looking down while walking across gives one the feeling of almost flying. (If I was alone, I would have crossed back and forth a couple of time. But that's silly, so don't tell anyone.)

Two Bridges

I'm not a great photographer, but sometimes I get lucky. The picture below is a view of both bridges as we start our trip up the Canyon on the Bright Angel Trail.

And... another view of the Colorado River as we begin our ascent.

Now on to Indian Gardens.


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